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April 29, 2004

The endangered specied act sleeps with the fishes

One of these days, I'll be driving to work and listening to Morning Edition and hear a story about how the administration made a policy change that is good for the country, good for the environment, good for humanity, or at least good for someone other than business interests.

Today was not that day.

I'd suggest we all send Bush boxes of salmon that he doesn't believe are worth protecting, but I'm sure the paranoid machinations of the administration would take it the wrong way and send secret service agents after us for making a threat against him, like they did to some poor kid who drew antiwar pictures for a school project.

I now firmly believe that Bush and Cheney have a committee somewhere whose sole purpose is dreaming up new ways to fuck up what could be an otherwise ok world.

Posted by paulette at April 29, 2004 08:32 AM | TrackBack
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I caught that story about the school kid and was actually too stunned to speak. The other day at breakfast I said this to the husband: If something doesn't change soon, I'm going to take up arms, I swear to god. But the husband had been up the night before watching the PBS documentary about the Weather Underground. "Don't do that." he said, in his typical central European understated way. "It didn't end well for those people."

Posted by: pam on April 29, 2004 09:07 AM
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