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April 27, 2004

Top 10 reasons Bush is a putz who needs to be booted from office

With so much information to wade through about the election, I thought I'd pick out the most salient issues and list them to guide further discussion about this year's political scene.

The easiest way to do that is to list the main reasons why W should not be president.

10. He lied about his military service
9. He needs to take a complex problem like national security and reduce it to a Candyland board in order to understand it.
8. He's always been more interested in attacking Iraq than doing anything to stop terrorism.
7. He thinks of reality as more an annoying distraction than anything else.
6. He hates gay people.
5. He doesn't give a rat's ass about the environment.
4. He doesn't give a rat's ass about the middle class.
3. He wants to impose his religious views on your body.
2. He's trying hard to do away with our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.
1. He's easily the most inarticulate sonofabitch on TV.

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