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April 23, 2004

First we take Manhattan

Darlings, I feel good. Really good. I feel that my age is approaching. That is, I feel like we as a culture are moving positively into an era that not only accepts hedonism as a valid lifestyle, but embraces it. I've been feeling we were starting to move in that direction for some time, away from the puritanism of "healthy living" movements, and back toward taking pleasure in life. Grilled, boneless skinless chicken breast--move over! It's the age of the duck cooked and preserved in its own glorious fat!

In some ways, though I resisted it out of some weird need to adhere to common sense, the whole Atkins thing was helping to move us in that direction. But now, dieters, we have a new hero. One who understands that life is not only about living to be 100 and disease free, but about having a hell of a time getting there. His name is Robert Cameron, a 93 year old bon vivant who has been publishing his book The Drinking Man's Diet since 1964.

In this fine contribution to the pantheon on diet and fitness books, Cameron tells us that cutting carbs is definitely the way to go, but reminds us that distilled spirits contain almost none. Says he: "the things you like best don't have to be counted at all: steak and whisky, chicken and gin, ham, caviar, pâté de foie gras, rum and roast pheasant, veal cutlets and vodka, frogs legs and lobster claws--they all count as zero."

I now understand why Atkins didn't make it. It wasn't that his low-carb, hi fat diet was so bad for him. He was just parched.

I've always been a fan of the bon vivants of literature--Auntie Mame (a woman can be a BV, right?) and Eliot Templeton, for example. But now, I've a real life hero to model my habits around.

It is a good day indeed.

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I almost always choose liquor over beer for caloric reasons. Tequila shots and scotch & soda.

I think you'd really like Burning Man, Paulette, if you hooked up with a good camp.

Posted by: Gary on May 5, 2004 01:51 PM
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