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April 20, 2004

It's all about the price of oil

There's an interesting read on the BBC today about where the oil is and how much of it is left. If you want to cut straight to the chase, check out the chart. Flip ahead a few slides to see the chart that shows who the big consumers are. When you look at this chart, Bob Woodward's revelations - which the Saudis are denying - about the Saudis offering price controls in exchange for election results become less surprising.

"...President George W Bush... in an election year really does not want to see car-loving Americas moaning about high gasoline prices, which have also risen as a consequence. " The Beeb is right, but also, I'm pretty sure W. doesn't want to see us conserving either.

The other day I listened to Billy Bragg's song "The Price of Oil" - available for free from his site. I don't know if Billy Bragg read the Beeb article, but I'm thinking the song would be a good soundtrack for the Power Point presentation of the Beeb's slides.

I carpool to work. It's not just that I adore the company of my carpool, though that's a huge bonus. It's that we really need to vote more with our wallets and our gas tanks.

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