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April 08, 2004

Ask, receive, deconstruct

I always give Paulette what she asks for--it's the least I can do--but "metacritic" is kind of taken. But I think this fits the bill pretty well, and it's a great idea. But it does make me kind of sad.

"Heavy meta" is, kind of like "deep background," symptomatic of an age when the impossibility of originality priviliges the "story behind the story" above anything so mundane as le degré zéro de l'ecriture. (And no, I'm not being glib by referring to Post-Structuralism as mundane--really, after three years with W kicking around in our national attic we're probably post-Baudrillardian, beyond help of even the French mediaphilosophes.)

So let's revel in it... let's root around in the story about the story about the story about the media's coverage of the of media's coverage of the White House spin of the alleged event, the popular response to the critical reception to the movie about the screenwriter writing the script for the movie of the same name. Just watch out for the Ouroboros, because this category could end up eating itself.

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