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March 19, 2004

The Small Town of Mother Love Bone

On this day in Seattle history fourteen years ago, Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone, one of my favorite bands at the time, was found dead of a heroin overdose. Sigh. Though his death produced the great Temple of the Dog, Andy's life might've produced more enjoyable music from Mother Love Bone and prevented the inception of Pearl Jam. And Andy wouldn't be dead.

I believe that around that time, I was thinking it'd be cool if I got a Mambosok for my fairly long hair. (Actually, the product was Mambosok Headgear, I should note, since Mambosok apparently still exists and produces, now, normalish products that don't make one look as though one is wearing boxer shorts on one's head.) I am pleased now that this never happened and especially glad that there are no pictures of it.

Coincidentally, I'm having dinner tonight with some friends (at Lark), including a co-worker from the answering service where I worked for a few months (a step up from my post-Christmas sales job at the big old Sears store on north Aurora) and was working when I heard the news about Andy. John and I hadn't seen each other since 1990 until a party this last weekend... though the party last weekend was a birthday party for someone I met a few months ago at another party, and that party was at John's house—I just didn't see the host then to realize who "John" was. (More funny coincidence: John works at/for/on

I am fond of sometimes remarking that "Seattle is a small town." However, I actually think that it is, merely, not overly large. If it was truly small, I would've continued to see John here and there—even if I didn't want to—and the interesting (to me) fact that I'm seeing him after all these years on a day that I distinctly remember in relationship to something that I distinctly remember in relationship to John—the answering service—would be lost.

The last person I heard remark "Seattle is a small town"—quite amusingly, minutes after he had chided me for thinking of it as being as small as it turned out to be—was admitting that he had, in fact, had a date with someone on this blog. Someone I thought he should meet only because I thought they'd enjoy each other's literate and refined tastes (and I was hoping to be there to enjoy the confluence of urbanity and intellect). When I inquired through implication whether they might've already met, he said, "Gary, Seattle isn't that small." Heh. Maybe I'm just fortunate to be in a nexus of good people.

I wonder what other dots I can connect today?

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