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March 19, 2004

Meet a comment spammer

So who posts comment spam? Apparently people in Romania, among others. Let's meet one. Looking up the,, and spammer, we find one man behind these sprawling online pharmaceutical empires:

George Popesku
Similkova 23
Bukurest, Bukurest 12311
Registered through: (
Created on: 09-Jan-04
Expires on: 09-Jan-05
Last Updated on: 11-Mar-04
Administrative Contact:
Popesku, George
Similkova 23
Bukurest, Bukurest 12311
Romania 323445642
Domain servers in listed order:

Since we don't know anything about this guy, I'd like to announce a Nonfamous contest, for the best post about the Life and Times of G Popesku. Have at it, friends-- what's this guy like? Award good, but TBD!

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George Popesku, a 1999 graduate in political science from the University of Bukurest, was a two-year finalist in the Romanian high school judo championships. Unfortunately, his weird obsession with American movie idol Ralph Macchio left him something of a social outcast through those formative years.

Upon entering college, things didn't improve much. A serious ankle injury during a freshman team judo practice session forced him to give up the sport in favor of a year of physical therapy with a frustrated gymnast-turned PT named Ilya, and he was unable to compete in the all-Europe Judo Competition, a goal he'd worked for nearly all of his life. He became depressed, started drinking heavily and spent hours surfing the Web for Karate Kid Web sites and information about Macchio himself. Eventually, he started cyberstalking the former movie actor, and was forced to give up his screen name "KarateKidRalph78" when Macchio's publicist, frustrated at her inability to prosecute George for the stalking, went after him for international copyright infringement.

At that point, George, realized he'd hit bottom and started seeing a therapist, who prescribed fairly high doses of Zoloft to combat the depression, and had to increase the doses of painkillers he was on as Ilya's frustration at her own prematurely finished athletic career was increasingly taken out on George's torn ankle. The antidepressants helped, and George was able to ween himself from the Macchio addiction, eventually developing other hobbies and interests, including the board game Risk, beer making, and French surrealist cinema.

It was at a screening of Jean Cocteau's Blood of a Poet that he met Tatiana, a psychology and art history student with a secret ambition to be a ballet promoter. They fell desperately in love, but between the antidepressants and the painkillers, George often couldn't deliver on his promise to show Tatiana all of his affections.

For a time, George and Tatiana got along as best the could. She was, after all, a psychologist, and a patient woman, but when George proposed, a week after graduation, and they got married, Tatiana began to realize her growing desire to experience motherhood.

Desperate, George once again turned to the Internet to get him through this trying time. He'd intend to Google treatments on impotence, but upon opening his email inbox for the first time in nearly three years, he realized that he needn't take that extra step. His mail box was overflowing with all kinds of help, including at least a hundred different Web sites from which he could order Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra without even seeing a doctor for a prescription. Problem solved!

As George and Tatiana celebrated the birth of their beautiful daughter Draguta, George determined that he would devote his life to helping others as he'd been helped, and thus began a a new career as an online Viagra spammer.

Posted by: paulette on March 19, 2004 11:28 AM

Once every two weeks, George kisses his mother goodbye and squeezes in to the Travant with his brother Ciodaru. George hates the drive to because the car has an exhaust leak which Ciodaru refuses to pay to have fixed and it gives him a terrible headache. Even when the weather is bitter cold, George insists on keeping a window open so they’ll live to make the return trip to Bucharest. Often, George and Ciodaru argue about how the money should be spent. Ciodaru is saving every scrap they make in profit to leave Romania and move to Germany, where he hears there are endless opportunities and the women are real blondes who will have sex with you without the inconvenience of marriage. George thinks Ciodaru is selfish and stupid, plus, George has always been the more attractive of the two. Ciodaru is full of bluster and the only women he is successful with are those he has paid for. George wants to fix the car and leave it for his mother to drive. He thinks they should spend some of the profits on a new car that will not kill them on the trip to Brno.

They meet the Turk in the same café in Brno every time. The Turk buys them vodka and takes them to a shabby hotel where they make the deal. The Turk’s boys gather the equipment from the dumpsters of Berlin, Prague, Vienna and bring it to Brno, where George and Ciodaru pick through it. George and Ciodaru have been handling the goods for long enough now that they’ve become educated and selective. They won’t run anything older than a P3 and they won’t touch televisions and satellite equipment, even though there’s money to be made there. George does most of the repair work, so he makes the selections, and Ciodaru makes the deal. George is good with the machines, but he’s bad with people. This is one time when he appreciates Ciodaru’s bluster. Early in the morning, they fill every spare inch of the Travant with computer parts and head back home.

Once George’s headache from the return trip has subsided, he starts his repairs. George has become an expert at scavenging bits and pieces to make better than average working computers. A hard drive here, an mother board there, maybe the box looks like it’s been run over, but the fans are still good. When he’s satisfied with the results, he gives the machine to Ciodaru, who again takes over the business end of things and sells George’s handiwork in Bucharest. George doesn’t know where the machines go, and he doesn’t care.

George has been working on a plan to break free of his business relationship with Ciodaru. He started posting spam a few months back when he learned he could pick up a little extra money on the side. Viagra, Levitra, Zoloft. He doesn’t know what those things are, but he wonders if they would fix his headaches. He gets paid by the hit and he thinks he’s almost saved enough to fix the Travant. But he has a bigger plan. He’s been quietly working on a spam posting applet and he thinks it could make all the difference. He knows that the real money isn’t in the postings – but if he could sell the code he’s created to make the postings automatic, he thinks he’s got a future.

Posted by: pam on March 20, 2004 07:09 PM
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