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March 19, 2004

Unauthorized Advertising

The fees and penalties described below expressly do not include non-commercial posts relevant to the topic of the post, or genuine discussion among comment posters, even if the Siteowner disagrees with the content of your post (though we reserve the right to delete any comment at our sole discretion).

This new policy will be effective as of 12:00 am, PST, March 20, 2004, and is binding on all individuals posting in the comments on any page hosted in the domain name, whether that domain name is referenced by IP address or server name.

Unauthorized Advertising: Here defined as 1) Any comment containing only a commercial site link, or containing only a commercial site link and brief greeting. 2) Any comment superficially relating a personal story, but clearly in the opinion of the Siteowner, posted purely to promote the commercial links included in the post. 3) Any comment unrelated to the topic of the post that contains commercial links. 4) Any comment posted with the expressed intent of entertaining or informing, but added in the opinion of the Siteowner for the sole purpose of promoting links to a commercial site.

Fees: Per incidence fees are $150.49, and apply to each individual post. Per link fees are $150.49, and apply to each discrete URL included in the post, whether those links are to the same site, different sites, or different pages on the same site. A post containing 2 URLs would be charged $451.47, once for the incident, twice for each discrete URL. Terms: Net 30.

Late Fees: If no response or arrangements for payment have been received within 30 days of the initial notification email, an additional $150.49 will be due and payable at that time. An additional $150.49 will be levied for every additional whole or fractional month after the first 60 days of non-payment.

Responsibility: If the Advertiser benefitted by the Unauthorized Advertising is the same as the Advertiser adding the comment, that individual or business shall be held solely liable for fines and collections.

If the Advertiser benefitting and the Advertiser adding the comment are separate parties, they will share joint responsibility as follows: The Advertiser owning the commercial sites linked shall be held wholly responsible for each link going to their site, or any page thereof. If they cannot produce a third party Advertiser responsible for the Unauthorized Advertising, they will be held solely liable for all fees. If multiple Advertisers are linked to in the posting, and no third party Advertiser can be found, they will each be held liable for an equal share of the per incidence fee. Any third party Advertiser who posted Unauthorized Advertising but does not own a site benefitted by the posting will be held liable for the per incidence fee. Liability for late fees will be apportioned equally among all Advertisers who have not settled their bills.

Collections: After 30 days, the Siteowner reserves the right to notify ISPs and hosting providers of all liable parties in an attempt to collect this debt. Siteowner also reserves the right to enlist professional collection agencies, and to notify the major credit bureaus.

Posted by jay at March 19, 2004 10:02 AM | TrackBack
Comment spammers: see our Unauthorized Advertising Policy and rates

You are just idiots! How could you only post that stupid rules on your site. You are durty abusers & blackmailer!

fuck ya, assholes!

Posted by: greg on April 13, 2004 03:30 AM

Looks like the comment spammers are restless. We installed a comment-blocking facility recently -- comments that contain links to commercial sites known for using blogs to raise their Google pageranks are now automatically blocked. There shouldn't be any effect on legitimate comments, though.

Posted by: david on April 13, 2004 07:53 AM

Hmm...They've apparently figured out a way to get around the blocking tool. I just spent the last twenty minutes deleting a whole slew from some guy advertising rape videos or something. Not only did his onslaught do nothing to entice me to buy his product, but I ever find out who he is, I'm gonna beat the shit out of him. What a nuisance!

Posted by: paulette on June 4, 2004 05:53 PM
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