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March 17, 2004

National Catholic Reporter: "The Passion" un-Christian

In one of the best Christian responses to the Gibson deo-snuff film I've read, Boston College professor Tom Beaudoin writes in the National Catholic Reporter that the film is anti-Christian in both its theology and its specific content. It's a well-reasonsed response.

..."The Passion" cannot be called a Christian film. Moreover, if these depictions of Jesus are taken by viewers to be accurate representations of the meaning and message of Jesus, then the movie is functionally anti-Christian. It is anti-Christian insofar as the overfixation on violence against Jesus provides a dramatic and persuasive escape hatch from the more complicated and demanding witness of the Gospels: that a man whose intimacy with God reverberated through changed relationships that threatened the religious and political powers of his day, and that our own intimacy with God may demand no less.

The article is part of a package including more positive reviews, but it is odd to see that Gibson's paleo-Catholicism aligns better with rabid protestant fundamentalism than modern Catholic theology.

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I really like this piece, "Passion Players", in the Guardian. Having not seen the film, I don't have much opinion of the response at the end by the rabbi, vicar, and priest. However, the first part—which appears to be written by David Mamet—seems spot on.

Posted by: Gary on March 19, 2004 12:33 PM
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