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March 12, 2004

"Walid Horton"

W's daddy famously ran campaign ads attacking Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis for a Massachusetts program that released convicted rapist Willie Horton, who later committed murder. As he was dying of a brain tumor and making amends, Bush adman Lee Atwater admitted that the ads were (as critics knew all along) a shameful, race-baiting attempt to stir up fear among white voters. (Horton's mug shot was conveniently that of the big, bad black motherfucker of suburban nightmares.)

W is now apparently following the goosesteps of his father with his new ad, which portrays an olive-skinned man as a terrorist (you know, the kind Kerry is soft on). Muslims are not amused. One reader referred to the swarthy figure as "Walid Horton."

But remember--W's a uniter, not a divider!

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