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March 11, 2004

Mud in March

Slate has a great expose on one of the opening anti-Kerry salvos of Bush's reelection campaign. They have taken a completely sensible proposal (to reduce intelligence funding to offset $1.5 billion the spooks were hoarding in a slush fund back in the '90s) and made it look like Kerry was "gutting" intelligence. In fact, the cut was about 1% of total intelligence funding. By the logic of the real story, Bush must like government spending so much that he's fine when, under the cover of secrecy, Federal agencies fail to use taxpayer dollars for the purpose that Congress designated. It's this laser focus on accountability and sound fiscal management that has created the Great W Defecit (the one we'll all be paying off for years, not the one between his ears).

I would say it's shameful to have started to negative so early, but honestly it's cheering to know they are already this desperate. I'm beginning to agree with Bill Maher: Rove is no genius.

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