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March 03, 2004

Giant Rights

In the latest blow to equality and justice for all, now tall people are being denied -- by activist judges, no less! -- their constitutional right to be preferentially seated in the exit row.

I'm being sarcastic, of course. (I'm also a bit confused: why do women need the extra room at 5'10", but guys need to be 6'2" before they get uncomfortable?) This kind of thing annoys me, that there is such expectation that a minor convenience deserves such redress. It's not as if these people are being denied comfort: no one is preventing them from buying a business seat, or from flying on a different airline with more leg room! Each of us is born with certain faculties in life: height, weight, mobility, and such, but that doesn't mean the market has a requirement to accommodate us perfectly, and especially not at the expense of others.

Of course, at the same time I'm asking for special consideration: to marry my same-sex partner. What's the difference? The difference is that there isn't a market for marriage licenses -- I can't simply visit another license provider who would be happy to serve me (perhaps at a different price). Jay and I are being denied a fundamental right at a universal level, with no alternative.

And that's all we ask for really: the possibility of an alternative. Just as I don't think it's right that every airline should be required to carry tall people in larger seats, I don't think it's right that every church should be required to perform gay marriages. I don't think anyone is asking for that, and on a personal level, I don't even want to get married in a church anyway. But I do wany my love for Jay to be recognized by society, to be able to file our taxes together, and to live out our lives in peace.

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