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March 01, 2004

Politics by playground ethics

Apparently, the Bush administration has taken on a new philosophy in dealing with political opponents--tit for tat influence. It works, not unlike old elementary school playground rules, where, say, you swipe my jump rope so I put a hole in your kickball ball. And they've even demonstrated their keenness to use this most assuredly effective tool twice this week.

First, they decided to ban French foie gras and sausages a day after France puts on a ban on Texas poultry products coming into their country because of the bird flu outbreak there. They cited concerns about handling and safety. Which would be a whole hell of a lot more convincing if they actually bothered inspecting the food safety practices in the meatpacking plants that provide most of the burgers and chicken parts the country consumes.

Then later in the week, apparently shocked that the call for a constitutional amendment discriminating against people based on sexual orientation didn't get the resounding support he'd hoped, the administration announced that, in retaliation for San Francisco's issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, the Social Security Administration wouldn't recognize ANY marriage licenses issued in San Francisco, for gay or hetero couples. I'm sure he's thinking that by not recognizing the straight marriages he'll create a backlash against the San Francisco action. I'm more hoping that the good people of San Francisco will be that much more mobilized to fight Bush's proposed amendment and to do everything possible to get such an immature, petty, and vindictive little twerp out of the white house.

Sorry to all those used to reading much more eloquant pieces on this site. I'm riled and angry, and not much in the mood for waxing poetic today.

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