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February 27, 2004

The hot new spot to get married in

Is apparently New Paltz, NY, where the 26 year old mayor is now performing marriages for same-sex couples. Maybe we should start a pool on which city will come next.

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This quote from the article needs some validation:

"This law states that a marriage is between a man and a woman," Mr. Pataki said, according to a transcript provided by his office.

And yet, as pointed out by Andrew Sullivan on Feb 20, marriage between same-sex couples may already be legal (or at least, not banned) in New York:

A 1997 report published jointly by three committees of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and endorsed by the association's committee on matrimonial law concluded that New York's current domestic relations law is gender neutral. The association concluded that marriage licenses can and should be issued now to same-sex couples under existing law. A supplemental joint committee report by the association in 2001 reaffirmed this conclusion.

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