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February 26, 2004

See the Creamy Head

I found these two commercials (in a single streaming clip) for Pabst Blue Ribbon while I was doing research for a comment on one of Jay's posts. They're funny!

Something about the first, with its three-qualification test seemed familiar, and I wonder if I saw some version of that ad campaign while I was still young and impressionable (instead of old and impressionable). I hope I remember to order a PBR from Kim the next time.

The second ad is wonderful. The protagonist is an urbane suburbanite, and in his soliloquy he tells us he hasn't "always been a Blue-Ribbon drinker", and he doesn't quite remember when he started—a memory lost in the squalid, pre-Enlightenment past, no doubt. Definition through consumption! And I can apparently catch up even if I haven't yet gotten it together. Get me a case!

It seems like I've had more than one conversation lately that reveals a backlash against PBR's recent rise in popularity. I guess too many people are drinking it for the wrong reasons—that is, stylish anti-stylishness. Perhaps like subsidized housing, one should only be allowed to purchase PBR if one's income is below a certain threshhold. (One legitimate reason to drink it regardless of income: your only other choice is Rainier.)

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Although, I learned at church camp that "you can't get to heaven/with Olympia beer/because the Lord himself/prefers Rainier."

Posted by: Gary on February 27, 2004 12:13 AM
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