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February 25, 2004

Andrew Sullivan: frustrating, brilliant

So he can be such a silly conservative twat at times, but I can't help loving Andrew Sullivan. Especially with tears in my eyes after having read this article from Time. He're the best bit:

When people talk about "gay marriage," they miss the point. This isn't about gay marriage. It's about marriage. It's about family. It's about love. It isn't about religion. It's about civil marriage licenses - available to atheists as well as believers. These family values are not options for a happy and stable life. They are necessities. Putting gay relationships in some other category - civil unions, domestic partnerships, civl partnerships, whatever - may alleviate real human needs, but, by their very euphemism, by their very separateness, they actually build a wall between gay people and their own families. They put back the barrier many of us have spent a lifetime trying to erase.

Posted by jay at February 25, 2004 05:13 PM | TrackBack
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at long last someone has recognised that we have to love each other what the hell a new idea are we all going to hide behind a BUSH ?? or a Cheney what ever that is KEEP UP THE FIGHT

P.S. look out boys it,s only ten' 5 fortnights to go we are really starting to get excited.

Posted by: Big David on February 26, 2004 09:14 PM
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