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February 20, 2004

We're pretty sure there is a gay gene, but I think we now have proof there is an "undisclosed location" gene. Dick Cheney's out lesbian daughter Mary is MIA in the gay-marriage debate despite two very salient facts:
1) She has lived with her female partner for years and wears a gold wedding band on her left hand, and
2) She is chairing her father's reelection bid and getting paid $100K a year to do it.

In my book, this makes her a public figure and a worthy target for some shrewd political activism. The same gay-rights operatives who successfully rousted Dr. Laura from her TV talk show perch are out to find Mary and take her to task for this apparent schizophrenia. Their site,, offers folks a chance to send Mary a postcard asking for an explanation.

Cheney has famously reversed himself of the issue, selling out his own daughter--but given her sell-out status, I suppose we shouldn't be too hard on him. (Hell, he used to think Saddam was a good ally.) In the 2000 campaign, he said the issue should be left to the states, but now he faithfully sings from W's hymnal--meaning, I'm sure, that he is "troubled" by the gay couples receiving official recognition in SF and Massachusetts.

On the other hand, maybe we shouldn't be too hard on poor Mary--it's bad enough growing up a gay Repub, but she has the added burden of looking just like her father. Oh, and just to revisit the "gay gene" intro, I find it really interesting to look back on her mom Lynne Cheney's secret early writings. Perhaps the fruit has not fallen too far from the tree.

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if there is some organization i can send a donation to to research and find a cure for your sickness i will gladly do so as your views are not good for our children.

Posted by: on March 14, 2004 01:31 PM
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