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February 16, 2004

Reality TV: Survive This!

The Austrian reality show Family Swap takes the concept of the British hit Wife Swap further by mixing people with different backgrounds.”

Salman's 35-year-old girlfriend, Melike Sanalmis, endured even worse abuse while living with a racist Viennese family. She calmly tried to reason with her hosts to make them question their prejudices.

As a “hidden minority” – meaning you don’t spot right away that I’m not your standard issue WASC (White Austrian Socialist-ish Catholic) – I am unfortunately privy to the run of the mill ignorance based racism that Austrians are so often accused of. My personal experience (disclaimer: vanity link) with this ugly animal is blissfully limited. Still, if only this had hit the papers sooner! I would have done more than tune in - I would have applied to participate!

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