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February 12, 2004

Speaking of the impending apocalypse

California and New York, the only two states in the country that produce foie gras in quantity are both considering legislation that would ban production of that succulent treat because of the misery it visits upon those poor ducks and geese. Yeah, I know. Birds are cute. But, uhm, foie gras is not something I want to add to the list of things, along with real camembert and other unpasteurized cheese) I can no longer eat as an American (at least until I get my passport renewed).

Sigh. The way things are going, with large ConAgra-like companies and crapass chains like WalMart taking over so much of the retail food distribution in this country, I'm beginning to worry that, politics aside, I may have to move to another country just to get a decent meal before too long.

Posted by paulette at February 12, 2004 02:28 PM | TrackBack
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Tangentially... the EU has been slowly caving to demands to admit GM crops and now there's this bit on hybridized vines. The misery of birds and the misery of grapes are two different issues, to be sure, but the quality of the results are known to anyone who's compared a supermarket tomato to one grown properly.

Sounds like a shopping spree is in order. Stockpiling for the new millenium bunker will involve tiny tins of foie gras and pre-EU expansion wine. Oh, don't forget the grow lights for the tomato plants.

Posted by: pam on February 12, 2004 09:59 PM
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