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February 03, 2004

Feeling a bit calmer

What an interesting week it has been already--but strangely, I feel up to the challenge! I feel fitter, happier...

The week began a bit strangely, early Monday morning. I was happily chewing up my dog blanket in the middle of the night, meticulously (I wouldn't call it obsessively) removing all that horrible stuffing.

When Short Dad woke up to go to the bathroom (he can go whenever he wants, why can't I?), he saw the stuffing and turned on the light so he could throw it away. This woke up Tall Dad, who was not happy to be roused in this manner (or, really, in any manner). They started talking loud, which scared me, so I jumped up on the bed. Then Tall Dad yelled at me to get down. This scared me more, so through no fault of my own I had a bladder control incident. On their duvet. Then they really got mad. It was an ugly moment in the Portersmith family, I'll tell you that much.

Tall Dad didn't talk to me much that morning--you could tell he was pissed off (probably the appropriate response to, you know, being pissed on). I felt bad and worried all day, but tried to avoid eating my blanket any more.

But when Tall Dad got home, he was all smiles. He came and gave me a belly rub, and a little piece of cheese (yum). Something fell out of the cheese, which he then put in my mouth and made me swallow (yuck) but then I got more cheese (yum).

A few hours later, I decided to go see what he was up to downstairs (there was some banging, which would normally frighten me but instead was making me curious). He had made the downstairs bathroom change color--cool! So I just sat on the sofa. Then I got a bellyrub! Yay!

Short Dad came home, and we all hung out. Tall Dad made more noise in the bathroom, and cussed some, but I didn't get freaked out (too much). It's very strange. I don't know why I feel better--maybe I should pee on the bed more often? Nah, probably not. I wonder if it was the cheese. I like cheese!

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Dear Nephew Dozer
Whoa what a week!! I dont understand our families
preoccupation with not sharing their bed with us.
in the middle of the night when my blanket falls off and I decide that under their doona is warmer, up I jump just settle down and then bang I'm on the floor! so I have a plan I wait for fat dad(hey he is losing kilo,s for some reason nobody is talking to me about that)to go back to sleep and then get revenge,jump up and lick his face he mumbles something not for publication and puts me outside so you should try my plan on Tall Dad and give Short Dad a really good laugh man would I like to be there for that so I hope things get better and watch out for that thing that fell out of the cheese if you put it under your tongue you can spit it out when the dads are not looking you have to be quick!!
Hope to hear from you soon
Love Uncle Joe

Posted by: Joe Cocker Smith on February 3, 2004 11:15 PM

Somehow I think it'd take a much bigger dose of Doggie Prozac to calm old Joe down :)

Posted by: david on February 4, 2004 10:02 AM
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