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January 19, 2004


A very small cute eatery has opened on 12th, the second to open on 12th recently. Crave is a darling little eatery with a small menu of really good food. For some reason by the name I thought it would be comfort food with the likes of meatloaf and mash potatoes, but I was fooled. Crave can be found in the Capitol Hill Arts Center, 1621 12th Avenue, across the street from the Police refill and parking lot. The atmosphere is minimal and don’t let the non-lit sign out front fool you into thinking it’s closed…they’re thinking, “if it is good, they will come!” It’s Good! We started the dinner with a watercress salad, with grapefruit and glazed almonds…(is there any polite way of eating whole watercress?)... in light vinaigrette. I followed with hand rolled gnocchi, which was tossed with sweet potatoes and cream sauce. Can I tell you how much I love this gnocchi!!! Mike had curried lamb with roasted sweet potatoes and sautéed escarole…amazing. The kicker of the whole thing is that they have only been opened for 10 days, if the food is this good to start, I can’t wait for them to get going!
The wine list is small, but nice, as is the menu. The desserts looked great, but we were too tired to try one….it was Sunday night after all. Go to Crave, it’s nice to support new food in Seattle

Posted by jamie at January 19, 2004 09:36 AM | TrackBack
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Good Morning everyone from Australia, this sounds like a must visit in May dont lose the address and the watercress does sound a little difficult,but I'm sure we'll find away see you in 15weeks whoopee!!!!!

Posted by: David F.Smith on January 19, 2004 02:35 PM

It's good to hear about the food at Crave! I haven't eaten there yet.

One might combine a trip to Crave with a trip to the Capitol Hill Arts Center, which is in the same building.

Posted by: Gary on January 21, 2004 10:10 AM

We went on Friday, before seeing that excruciating mountain-climbing movie, and enjoyed our dinner. David rather archly noted the "My First Restaurant" feel of the place--which is exactly what I love about it. My gnocchi were excellent (that's your second great food reco of the week, Jamie!) and David's lamb "knuckle" was tasty as well.

Posted by: jay on January 26, 2004 01:49 PM
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