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December 19, 2003

WTF, courtesy of the NYT and Google AdWords

So I'm reading an article on the NYT about the Golden Globe Nominations, and my eye strays down to the "advertiser links" section at bottom. For the uninitiated, this is a feature powered by Google AdWords; it pulls ads based on article text. (I've considered adding it to the site; other folks with similarly trafficked blogs get about $15 a week from the program.)

Anyway, what were the ads served up?

End Times
Find out how current events show that we're living in the end times!

Is Christ coming back?Are you anticipating His return? See for yourself, the good news.

The U.S. in the Bible
Are America and Great Britain mentioned in Bible prophecy?

I was taken about... how in the world did a standard awards round-up article net this crop of nutty Jesus-freak ads? (I did pause brief to wonder if Jamie Curtis's nomination as best comic actress in "Freaky Friday" might be a sign of the End Times. Bad, but not that bad. Now if J. Lo had been nominated for "Gigli," I would have headed straight to church.)

It can only be "Return of the King." Is this intentional? Could freaky fundies really think that people looking for movie times want to see their ads? A deeply strange marketing strategy.

But I'm glad they are so misguided, because is such an entertainingly weird site that you must visit. Especially if you speak Chinese (Mandarin? Cantonese?) because they are looking for someone to translate some of the stuff Jesus said when he showed up in China recently (apparently speaking Chinese but somehow nobody there managed to translate it). Freaky stuff.

The "Left Behind Prophecy Club" is, of course, the same damn site I went off on a few months ago, operated by false prophet Tim LeHaye and Jerry Jenkins. (There is a nice Jacuzzi of Fire just waiting for them, imho.)

The "Wonderful World Tommorow" folks aren't as interesting as Even Latter Latter-Day Saints or Revelations novelizers--just the web site of a garden-variety UN-fearing fundamentalist radio program based in bustling Modesto, California.

Back to the folks... they have apparently had a tough time:

In 1995, we decided to formally begin to testify the good news of the Kingdom of the Almighty God, we depended on our gratefulness for God and truly love to testify GodíŽs appearance and work to brothers and sisters of every denomination. We never thought we would suffer the tremendous resistance and very strong slander from the leaders of every denomination, we only can sincerely say the prayers in front of God, we impetrated God to personally do the work. Following 1997, we saw the Holy Spirit consumedly work, and every local church number quickly gained.

Impetrated. Consumedly. Indeed. Did I mention that these people are in West Nyack, NY?

There's a lot more I'd like to read, like "God's Voice in China (selections)" but they are, like "Sing a new song with the Lamb," "in the process of waiting to for translation."

Stay tuned, friends.

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i pls want to be a member of this church and even to establish it in sierra leone.

Posted by: evang.Jeremiah A,Turay on October 13, 2004 01:37 PM

shall u allow me to establish your church in my country?

Posted by: evang.Jeremiah A,Turay on October 13, 2004 01:38 PM

i,ll like to see this your church be establish in my country

Posted by: evang.Jeremiah A,Turay on October 13, 2004 01:39 PM

to see this church establish in myu country is my vision

Posted by: evang.Jeremiah A,Turay on October 13, 2004 01:41 PM
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