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December 15, 2003

Australia in review

I owe everyone an apology for being so slow to post anything here about our trip. Let me start by saying it was, without question or exception, the best vacation in my life. My anxiety at meeting my new family melted within minutes, and our cruise down (and up and down and up and down) the Murray River was as blissfully relaxing a time as I can recall.

This relaxation has been, I think, part of the problem--I returned to all the work that had piled up but was still, mentally, sipping champies with Meg and quite untroubled by the realities of deadlines and timesheets and clients. Eventually, though, the work had to get done and that precluded this.

The other thing I've struggled with is where to start. The beauty of the world's oldest, dryest continent? The many charms of the Smiths of Adelaide and their amazing, hilarious, lovable friends? The comparative advantages of houseboat vacations? The wisdom of the ethos of "death before dishonor and booze before lunch"? The maritime and landlocked glories of Sydney?

I still can't decide, and I'm still a bit stymied by narrative. Oh, and then there's the issue of my Mac, which is so full to the brim with digital stuff (mostly music) that I haven't even been able to fully download my camera yet. That WILL happen this week, and hopefully pictures will help me tell the story.

The most important thing to mention is the great hospitality of David's family, and the unmatched pleasure of meeting them. I had a strong suspicion we would get along, but was afraid to hope I would (let's not mince words) come to love them as quickly as I did. You Smiths are all amazing and hilarious originals, from Molly, to Meg, to Becca. Now I truly know where David gets it. Especially his mischievousness. Best of all, the Smiths and the Porters are equally crazy in their own lovable ways--so no more worrying about the dynamics of the wedding party for me.

At this brief entry, work is already piling up--that doleful sound of the inbox filling as with so many noisy snowflakes. So I know I owe more commentary, but hopefully this is a good start. Better than nothing, at least.

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Well My Darlings I am so glad you had a good time as we all did - and didn't The Jay fit in well he learnt how to fill the glass and steal the bottle at the same time. An immediate family member. I trust Tbe Judy understands about "Demons" that enter the body after dark.Well "world" I could not wish for anything more for my dear David than The Jay so Iwe hope to meet "u allll" in May
Love to all and Sundry Meg & Big

Posted by: Meg Smith on December 17, 2003 01:55 AM
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