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November 11, 2003

You lose some documents, you find some documents

And sometimes the ones you find are so perfect you want to cry. Slate points us to Bush's request to get out of the Air National Guard unit--the one he never served in, the one that kept him out of Viet Nam--so he could go to Harvard Business School (where, judging by Harken Energy's track record he learned a whole lot of nothing and skipped his ethics class to boot). Of course the request is dated four months after his ANG superiors reported never having laid eyes on the young Shrub. Would that we, as a nation, were so lucky.

This brings me to another point, though. I'm not sure, as Jason's comment on David's point suggests, that the electronic age presents more threats to information. Or rather, though it presents threats, it also arms the average citizen with the tools to ferret out and rescue a great deal of that information. But, like anything having to do with freedom, it requires eternal vigilence (and access to Google).

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too true. i neglected to mention that an alert TMQ reader used google to find cached copies of most of the old columns. they're now available on a separate website.

i still find it appalling that the average citizen has been put in the position where information must be rescued from disappearance.

Posted by: jason on November 12, 2003 01:08 PM
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