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November 05, 2003

Who are the nonfamous nonstrangers?

People often find their way to the humorous story of how the site got its name. But the recent media attention (such as it is: we flatter ourselves!) has alterted us to a glaring deficiency on this site -- it's really hard to work out who writes it! So this little article is here to address that issue.

nonfamous nonstrangers

Jay Porter (jay) created on November 20, 2002 (and is just the tiniest bit miffed the NYT couldn't mention that). Jay does marketing strategy stuff for an integrated communications firm. Jay is from Oklahoma City.

David Smith (david) is Jay's partner since early 2002, and lives with Jay at casa nonfamous in Seattle. David is a product manager for a software firm, and hails from Adelaide, South Australia.

Paulette is the beautiful resident nonfamous food and travel goddess and spends a lot of time making life better for everyone. If you enjoy her writing, we should gloatingly note that her cooking is even better (and that she shares it with us often). Paulette helped David and Jay start "Swallow Don't Spit," the wine club for people who really just want to talk and drink. She manages big geeky books for an even bigger software firm. Paulette is a Joisey Goil and proud of it. So watch yourself.

Roger is an old friend but a new contributor to nonfamous. Nobody can decide if he or his boyfriend is cuter, one reason they are such a good match. He is a Texan but we forgive him.

Terry is married to nonfamous pal and power-oenologist Bob. Terry moves units right now but we expect her to change her job and the world any minute now. In the mean time she's likely to make us spit out our wine laughing (the only way we'd ever spit wine out).

Pete was Jay's housemate back before the dawn of casa nonfamous and serves as our resident musicologist and favorite jew. It's OK for us to say that because he does. Go find him at Sonic Boom and ask him if they have that Stevie Wonder album with that one song. And bring him some bacon.

Gary is... how do we know Gary? Several ways-- through Paulette and Monica and Anika. Dry and witty and very tall, Gary writes in great sporadic bursts of observation. Gary works at the same saltmine Paulette does.

Speaking of Anika and Monica, both of these amazing writers have spurned us, posting--what--once or twice? Maybe as we become less nonfamous they will log on and enlighten us. Same goes for Daniel and Cathy and Topher and and Sabrina and and Perry and Kim and Ian and Rachel. Not to mention my sisters! Hello-- you guys can start writing whenever!

Last but not least on the nonfamous roster is the ever-loyal, ever-jumpy Dozer. Dozer Jesus (hay-soos) Portersmith is the nonfamous dog. Cattle dog that is. Red heeler. The only dog we know with his own column on a blog. We knew he was a natural the day we brought him home--neurosis and writing talent go hand in hand.

Well, that's us. We welcome everyone's comments. If they're really good, you can become a nonfamous nonstranger too! Maybe.

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