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November 05, 2003

Nonfamous in the NYT

After writing this article about Amazon's new "Search Inside the Book" feature I was contacted by a New York Times reporter on Friday last week who interviewed me about my experiences using Amazon and how the new search feature affected me. Then, on Monday, the New York Times called back and said they wanted to do a photo of me for the article. How could I say no? Sure enough, a very nice photographer visited casa nonfamous that evening and proceeded to take some cheesy shots: me leaning back on a chair in the office with my feet on a stack of books while gazing casually into the camera (as you do); me in the sitting room with a cocktail in my hand and a laptop on my lap casually searching Amazon; that kind of thing. She took two rolls of film, and luckily the final result is only somewhat cheesy rather than exceedingly cheesy. I'd love to see the other shots she took. She's a wedding photographer too, she says, so we might take a look at her portfolio -- there might be some business for her in May.

And so, the article appeared in the New York Times today. Well, it's on the website today, and it appears in the Circuit section tomorrow (Thursday). Guess I'll pick up a copy or two, eh? :) got a brief mention in the article, so I if you're a first-time visitor as a result of the article, welcome! Leave us a brief comment if so, we'd love to know how many people had their curiosity piqued by our little site.

Posted by david at November 5, 2003 06:48 PM | TrackBack
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I found your blog due to the New York Times article. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I also manage a blog for my high school Class of '63 ( Presently I am creating a photoblog to exhibit the many photos from our 40th reunion. I will probably come back to see what you are doing with your blog.

Posted by: Marjorie on November 6, 2003 08:17 PM

I red the Circuits this morning and here I am. I got my first intro to blogs through the NY Magazine this week so my radar is on the keen.
I live out in the woods in the heart of the Midwest, hidden by some hills so news are scarse and travel slow. But once we hit on something we might even get going! Depends.
This morning we got some frost on the ground. Mor' coming tonight so gotta go and put my garden to bed.

It's good you are refreshing our minds about ZB.
Who is the one who said that every generation makes it's own mistakes and the next generation laughs at them while making their own mistakes.

PS. By the way I am also in the wedding business. It allways pays to shop around.

Posted by: ulla on November 7, 2003 06:11 AM
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