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September 10, 2003

Send pirates, guns, and money

Have I mentioned lately that I love pirate movies? They are just so cool. Growing up I had a huge crush on Errol Flynn, and could go batty over just about any flick with a fair amount of swashbuckling. And by now most of you nonfamous nonstrangers know of my love of cowboys. Oh, cowboys. Let me just daydream about them for a few moments...

So why is this? I mean, sure my ultimate movie hero is Indiana Jones. And that makes sense. Because, for one thing, on 1982, Harrison Ford was HOT. Really hot. And then, Raiders of the Lost Ark was essentially a western. And most definitely a World War II movie, another favorite genre of mine. He was an intellectual, and adventurer, a loner, a risk taker, a man against the world, not too morally upright to be nauseating, but not too much of an opportunist to be repugnant either. And did I mention he was hot?

Well, so, but I wonder, why is that girls like bad boys. By the way, in no way am I thinking this is an original question to pose. It's more a segue into a discussion of the Pirates of the Carribean movie, which I saw tonight, and which, by the way, was really good, considering that it was based on a ride at Disney World. But see, you know, the thing is, that as hot as Johnny Depp is generally, and as entertaining as he was in this movie. He wasn't the love interest. The love interest was, well, the good guy. And not so much. A pirate. But a good guy.

And that's kind of a theme of the movie. That sometimes you can be a pirate and a good guy at the same time. Like Indiana Jones, I guess. Or Han Solo. Who was also hot, but then again, was also Indiana Jones. (Is it obvious yet I haven't been sleeping enough lately?) And while we're at it, why hasn't Harrison Ford played a good cowboy role. Oh, but you know who has? Robert Redford. Talk about hot. And Sundance. Yeah. I need to swoon for a few moments...

So, sure, I'm also not saying that the theme of the good guy pirate is new. Or the hooker with the heart of gold, which was not a theme in the POTC, but seems like a related theme. Or that recognizing that there are guys hotter than Johhny Depp is new. I mean, I figured that out when I saw Gladiator. Duh... But, well, first of all, how the hell did someone make a good movie out of a Disneyworld ride? And second of all, how did I see a pirate movie where I wasn't swooning over the pirates? I mean, I'm the classic chick, thinking Ilsa was a fool to opt for that Victor Lazlo guy over Rick Blaine. I usually like the good guy/bad boys. And I liked them in this movie, but, no, there was no swooning.

Which I kind of think is something that Johnny Depp does intentionally. Have you noticed that for such a hot guy he plays a lot of nonhot characters? I kind of think that's cool. Especially for a guy who got his start on 21 Jump Street as the cutie patooty. He's a good actor. Really he is. And when I first heard about this pirate movie, all I could think about was what a great pirate he would make. And he does, but in a quirky, very nonsexual way that probably shouldn't surprise me based on the roles he's chosen in the last decade or so, but still kind of did. I was expecting him to be channeling Errol Flynn. Somehow, he seemed to be channeling a bit more Mick Jagger than Flynn. Which is weird for a pirate movie. Yet worked. And still, not what I was going for.

So, where am I going with this? Really, I don't know. I'm just kind of intrigued. I liked the movie. I don't see myself buying it on DVD. Mostly because I never swooned. The love interest, by the way, might have been really good looking, but his character lacked depth and bore a really unnerving resemblance to someone I know. And like. But still. That's not what I'm going for in a movie. I want to see a pirate movie where I can be caught up in the plot and dreaming of being the girl who everyone is trying to rescue.

Ramble over. No real point made. You may now resume your regularly scheduled blog reading.

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