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September 04, 2003

Brits+easyJet+beer=a big mess in Prague

I love it when the NYT gets all bitchy. This time, the headline readsTravel Advisory: British Abroad, Staggering About. The article is more than a bit arch, and funny as hell. I wouldn't want to run into 30 drunk blokes in their underwear in Wenceslas Square, but it's fun to read about them.

Also, apparently we are lightweights. To wit:

The pub's owner, Robbie Norton, said that though there was some truth to the complaints, most groups were harmless. Also, they are big business. For instance, he said, a party of 23 men drank 180 vodkas and 60 cans of Red Bull one Friday. "I know that sounds totally insane, but they came back and did the same thing on Saturday and the same thing on Sunday," he said.


But the end of the article is the best:

Back at Rocky O'Reilly's, another stag party settled in. Having taken a bus tour of Prague that morning ("we're not just philistines," declared the groom, Marty Neley), they had concluded that it was time to get down to the real business of the weekend.

They planned to remain indoors, they said, so as not to offend people in the street. But it raised an interesting question: If all they wanted to do was drink at an Irish pub, why not just stay home?

"It's cheaper to come here than to go to Blackpool," said one of Mr.

Neley's friends, "and nobody knows us here."

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Fact is, no-one can drink like a Brit (and that includes citizens of all four countries of the UK). It's not there's a greater propensity for drinking per se, it's really just that the tradition is to drink quickly. My guess is that it's related to the 11PM closing time -- with less time to drink, they drink the same amount as any other countrymember, but at a faster rate. But when let loose in a country without Victorian opening hours, well, you can see the result in the article.

By the way, EasyJet has been having its own problems recently.

Posted by: david on September 4, 2003 04:26 PM
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