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August 07, 2003

The Up and Coming Species

There's a lot of concern these days about so-called "white collar" jobs going overseas. It's great to see a work force elevate itself by making a quality contribution at a great price... as long as it's not your job that's getting replaced.

We can point to countries that have been doing well for some time with getting overseas contracts, and we can perhaps see which countries might be on the rise. However, we need to let our thinking move beyond geo-political boundaries and see opportunities for other species to move into new roles. For example, primates are starting to do great work in software, according to Primate Programming, Inc., and their prices can't be beat! (Of course, as a former editor, I recognize the ridiculousness of the claim that their employees have great English skills—programmers typically use terrible English.)

Some people might feel threatened by apes taking computer jobs, but I say, let them. It's my turn to finger paint.

Posted by Gary at August 7, 2003 01:05 PM | TrackBack
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This isn't limited to mammals, either. See how Google uses pigeons to rank webpages.

Posted by: david on August 7, 2003 03:09 PM
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