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July 22, 2003

TiVo killer, qu'est-ce que c'est?

Shortly after I asked David to marry me, I asked him if we could get a TiVo. "Yes," he replied. "I couldn't justify it for just myself." "Me neither." Another benefit of the merger.

But now, I think I want this instead. It's basically the "but wait, there's MORE" digital media product. It does everything but make the popcorn, and that may not be far off.

I'm all for open architecture, and hate the idea of buying something for $400 that will be obsolete in 18 months. I'm not the biggest Linux fan, but it has a real foothold in consumer electronics due to its small size, customizability, and free licensing. But those Free Software geeks are such bad branders. A penguin-- so unexpected, so differentiating!

Posted by jay at July 22, 2003 02:12 PM | TrackBack
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Why is it when I read product reviews like this that I instantly think "Radio Shack?"

It's like they try to cram so much into a product, but never manage to make each feature operate as well as its stand-alone competitor. Knowhatimean? But it would be way mass cool...

Posted by: Annett on July 22, 2003 08:32 PM

I love it! A new bizarro-phrase from the tech world... apparently this thing falls into the category of "convergence devices." I thought to have convergence (harmonic) all we had to do was assume the lotus position somewhere near Sedona and chant ohmmmm... now we need a device?

Posted by: Seth on July 23, 2003 08:55 AM
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