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July 09, 2003

Get me on that plane!

It's not even 9 am, and I've already been asked by my uber-boss's assistant "What time is your flight tomorrow?" This is not a question I particularly wanted to hear.

"10 am. Why?"

"Then you could do an 8:30 conference call? The time the client wanted this afternoon won't work."

Mind you, this is with the clients who are pretty much the bane of my existence right at the moment. They are nice enough people, and good clients, but very, uh, collaborative. Ten emails and 6 phone calls a day collaborative. Six drafts when the timeline specifies two, with each draft having more substantive comments than the last. So basically, as they close the cabin door and rip the phone out of my hands, I'll hear a low drone intoning something like "...what we really need to see more of would be an example of customers who are integrating their business processes for greater operating productivity through enhanced teaming and Six Sigma recruiting and retention management..." And my eyes will roll back into my head, and when I wake up we'll be in Maui!

I am so clearly NOT going to tell anyone at work where we are staying!

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