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July 01, 2003


If you still give thought to whether you should brave airline food or bring your own, you can check out the airline food ratings from those who have flown before you. I have to say, Tajikistan Airlines doesn't look like a bad option, even if the caviar is only served in Business Class. Jay might want to take note that Qantas airlines seems to serve chocolate cake for breakfast (?) and decide to pack his own.

The site is actually kind of interesting, as is reading the comments. Of those I managed to look at Xiaman Airlines, with it's lunch described as "undefinable, maybe egg boiled in soy-sauce" may be tied with Vietnam Airlines' business class snack of "unidentified slice of Processed meat and slice of fish" for the scariest meal. On the other hand, I note that the airlines from the Middle East and north Africa seem to get fairly decent ratings.

I still think one could make a mint providing good box lunches and selling them in the airport terminals.

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