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June 30, 2003

Hey, will somebody help me register?

It's not that I want to become a slave to marketing. I mean, being a dog, I will always have limited purchasing power anyway, and I am basically ok with that. Mainly because the Dads more than make up for it. I don't have to go out and work all day like they do, and then they come home and spoil me, lavishing me with cool fashions like that most excellent camo collar. But I'm not sure about their taste. I mean, you look around the house and there is a certain, shall we say, lack of thematic consistency in the decor.

So I'm fairly sure it's just a matter of time until they start buying me my own furniture. The taller Dad is always talking about how I'm going to be so spoiled, so I figure that means that sooner or later, they're going to come home with a nice canine fainting couch and a petbrella for those hot Seattle summer afternoons. I just want to make sure that they pick out good stuff, furniture that really expresses the inner Dozer Jesus Portersmith. So it any of you friends of the Dads would be so kind as to help me get on Ethan Allen's pet registry so I can pick out exactly which chintz I prefer (it certainly must compliment my gorgeous red hair) and the wood for my sleigh pet bed, I'd really appreciate it.

Posted by paulette at June 30, 2003 11:54 AM | TrackBack
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Please, all of you, if I ever buy custom-designed furniture for DJP, take me out back and shoot me. These people are insane.

But, now, if IKEA ever starts making puppy furniture, that might be another story. This Dozer can handle an Allen key? (I mean, Julie Welch has learned how to, and I never thought that would happen!)

Finally, if that dog gets spoiled, it's not going to be just me. David's pretty good at it too, and Paulette set a new record for longest belly rub. Dozer was putty in her hands!

Posted by: jay on June 30, 2003 04:29 PM
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