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June 30, 2003

SS+K's new website goes live

So a lot of you have expressed interest (or confusion) about exactly what it is I am doing at my new company, and what kind of company it is. Our new website should help clear that up.

I'm eager for some feedback on the design. It's definitely cool--the navigation metaphor is "microfiche, i.e., a thumbnail of all content is visible on screen at all times--but I'm not 100% sure how intuitive it is. Oh, you need Flash, but you probably already have it. Otherwise, how could you enjoy the hijinx of Homestar Runner and friends?

You MUST click through on "The Work" section at bottom and watch some of the Time Warner Cable advertising. It is just brilliant and hilarious. Or, rather, "brilliant + hilarious" as our SS+K copy style would have it.

I really enjoyed beeting my New York compatriots last week, and the 10th anniversary party was amazing. SS+K's new downtown New York headquarters is unbelievable, vertiginously perched 30 floors up overlooking South Street Seaport and all the East River bridges and Brooklyn. Our brand theme is "municipal chic," which you kind of have to see to get. Amazingly, the Bellevue office was able to pick up this theme, as both offices were being built out at the same time. If you click on the "Contact Us" part of the site, you can see a little webcam shot of each office. You might even see me once in a while!

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Well, despite an initial reservation about the microfiche concept, I quite like the interface of the SS+K site. Surprisingly, it's even quite usable. You do get a good, instantaneous sense of what you can expect to find in the site, and navigating via the "microfiche" lends itself well to exploration, as good websites should.

However, the interface for the "Services" section is an abomination, and deserves a mention in the Interface Hall of Shame. It's almost impossible to determine what hyperlinks are available, and those you can find follow you around and interfere with finding others! And surely "ACTG" would have been better dummy text in keeping with the DNA metaphor than "asdf"?

But despite this small anomaly, a great site.

Posted by: david on July 7, 2003 04:57 PM
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