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June 25, 2003

Irony for the smartypants set

The little disclaimer at the bottom of the Postmodern Generator tells you that the text you've just read (and presumably laughed audibly at) is completely meaningless and randomly generated. So it's sort of a PoMo incarnation of that saying about how an infinite number of monkeys typing on an infinite number of typewriters would eventually write A Tale of Two Cities. Some of these are a real hoot.

Actually, I can almost imagine coming across something like this:

"Art is elitist," says Derrida; however, according to la Tournier[1] , it is not so much art that is elitist, but rather the rubicon, and eventually the genre, of art. Marx uses the term 'modernist neocapitalist theory' to denote not narrative, as libertarianism suggests, but postnarrative. In a sense, Bailey[2] implies that we have to choose between modernist neocapitalist theory and the structuralist paradigm of consensus.

in a lit major's paper somewhere. Like the woman in my lit theory class who, before section one day, was carrying on the following tirade about her boyfriend. "I mean, he comes over, he takes off his clothes, gets into bed, and starts reading Proust. I mean, sure I always read Proust naked, but it's just so affected to do it in another person's bed."

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