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March 28, 2003

"Calibrate me."

I'm hitting the Slate pretty hard today-- in the midst of being wildly productive at work, I assure you. And I just found my new favorite phrase: "Calibrate Me".

While I technically agree with Timothy Noah that this Rumsfeld coinage is a bit arrogant, I'm going to use it anyway. I am, after all, in need of frequent calibration. (Hey Paulette and Julie: "You know who else is in need of frequent calibration? I am.") And I often depend on it from those around me.

Saying "Calibrate me" is way better than, say, insisting (like I did last night) that "Every Day is Like Sunday" is a Smiths song, not a Morrisey solo song. I even tried to bet David $50 (that I don't have!) that I was right-- thank God he wouldn't shake on that. Truth is, I needed calibrating. Which he did, as soon as we got home.

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