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January 22, 2003

Finances meet fandom

Well, it happens every day-- Mammon always trumps the Muse. But as Marvel asks for-- and gets-- judicial recognition that the X-Men are not human, the fans are in an uproar. This WSJ article has the details. In sum, Marvel asked for the ruling because "non-human figures" have a cheaper duty rate from China than dolls-- dolls being, ipso facto, "human figures." Almost every time some bean-counter pulls a number out of his ass to justify a "cost-saving move," the cost of pissing off your most loyal fans ends up being much higher.

All that being said, I find it hard to put a price on any action figure styled after Hugh Jackman.

Posted by jay at January 22, 2003 01:54 PM | TrackBack
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Now that's a funny story. I don't know which is more pathetic, the toy company's greed in trying to squeeze a little more money out of the (undoubtedly already profitable) figures or the fans' major emotional reaction to this minor legal matter. I must say, I love the image of the judge disrobing each and every figure to better determine its human or non-human nature. (I'd take Gambit in a heartbeat!)

Posted by: Peter on January 23, 2003 12:31 PM
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