December 12, 2002 go Jeremy!

My college friend Jeremy Carl (brother of my friend Cathy Carl) just launched a new website with some friends. The site is called and billed as "your semi-daily dose of Republican extremism." While I don't know that I want a daily dose-- that is, after all, why I left Oklahoma-- it is good to keep up with whatever jackass thing the repubs are doing. This site makes it all too convenient, and I'm sure I'll link to it a lot in the future.

This week there's a lot about Lott and his incredible assertion that the nation would have been better off had Segregrationist Strom won the presidency in '48. It's not really surprising-- the GOP has been running on coded Dixiecrat propaganda since the Reagan years-- but it is shocking to hear such a clear statement made in the full glare of the Klieg lights. I suppose the sweep of the elections has made the reactionaries comfortable enough to forget that there are still people out there who will call them on their blatant racism. Do we really have a Senate Majority Leader who openly praises Jefferson Davis-- and links the GOP platform to Confederate ideals? I'm afraid we do.

Fellow MovableType blogster Aaron has a tremendous site called and he and his posse are beating up on Lott in a really thoughtful and humorous way. Plus, I think I like his site template better than mine... I may switch over.

So what are we supposed to do about this? Is there, as Joan Didion asked, "any good to be done by going to the barricades?" And where are the barricades? (Answer to my own rhetorical question: There are no barricades because there's no market for them, no business plan, no ecommerce opportunity.)

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