Home Again
We had a really fantastic time visiting my family in Oklahoma City. It was Julie’s birthday and her first trip back from LA since she moved.  
Julie and Valium
Hi Mom!
Dad and Jewel
David and Jewel
Ray, Tammee, Derek and Julie
Brad and Lyndi
Valium on Valium
Baby Jewel
Happy Birthday!
They’re so cute!
Julie and David
Brad, we’re glad!
Shaun and Julie
Uncle G-Dog and Aunt Lynda
Julie and Krissy
Lanell and Larry O.
Mom and Rachel
Dad and Julie
Happy Birthday Crissy
Katie and Kelley
Brad and Lyndi
Papaw and Millie
Tammee and Ray
Mom and Kyle
Hi Marci :)
At Galileo
Lyndi and Brad
I love my folks!
Brad and Lyndi
I’m saying something
It runs in the family!